SAULT STE. MARIE — The Chippewa County Democratic Party has adopted a stretch of Interstate 75 beginning near M-28, traveling two miles south.

“The party is currently seeking volunteers to help clean the shoulders of I-75 July 18-24,” said Allison Youngs, Chair of the Chippewa County Democratic Party.  Youngs continues, “Our party has a strong commitment to environmental protection.  This project will help ensure our county and state is Pure Michigan.”

Michigan Department of Transportation’s website says “Adopt-A-Highway is a MDOT program designed to keep the state’s highway roadsides clean and attractive.  Participants adopt both sides of a section of state highway roadside to clean up over a two-year period.”

If you would like to volunteer with the Chippewa County Democratic Party’s stretch of Adopt-A-Highway, please contact Cris Roll at 906-635-9321 or

Learn more about MDOT Adopt-A-Highway at,4616,7-151-9621_11041_14408—,00.html.

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The Chippewa County Democratic Party is a non-profit organization.  The purpose of the Chippewa County Democratic Party is to act as a unifying body to promote the democratic philosophy prescribed in the Preamble and Party Platform of the Michigan Democratic Party.  Our mission is to support any candidates, elected officials, precinct delegates, committees, and party members with the goal of increasing participation in the election process, expanding opportunities to understand and discuss political issues, improving visibility of the Democratic Party, and promoting public recognition of our values.