Tuesday November 8, 2022, is here.  We, as Americans have everything to lose or with some hard work and dedication have everything to gain. Here in Michigan, the Governorship, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Representatives, State Senators, and State Supreme Court Justices are up for election.

Our job is to stay focused on the progress that has been made both state and national levels.  Talk, as difficult as it may be, with people of differing beliefs armed with facts.  Knowledge is power. I use that rhetorical statement to discuss the accomplishments of Governor Whitmer and the importance of her re-election.

Since her election in 2018, she has been a target. From then President Trump’s referring to her as “that woman from Michigan”.  State Senate Majority Leader Shirkey’s comments about “spanking her” on political battles to a plot to kidnap and possibly kill her. Let us not forget the numerous failed recall efforts and the historic flood in Midland.

Despite all that, she has managed to preside over an economy in Michigan that improved the most in its history since the COVID-19 pandemic1 and signed 800 bills coming from both sides of the aisle2.    

Here we have listed a few major accomplishments with links and references for further in-depth explanations.


Issues Executive Directives focused on good governance.

Michigan car insurance bill signed into law


Raise the Age legislation signed effective 10/1/21. Raise the age consideration from 17 to 18 in the criminal justice system.


Increased per-pupil spending. Increased special ed by $60 million.


Creating Jobs

Fiat Chrysler (Stellantis) added 6000 job and 4.5 billion of investment 


Ford Motor Co. to add 3000 jobs and invest 1.45 billion



The Governor no sooner gave her State of the State Address when we were in the beginnings of what would become a global pandemic and dominate for the next two years. With no help from the Trump Administration, Whitmer sought out scientists from Michigan for Michigan.

*February 28, 2020 Governor Whitmer activates the its emergency operations center (SEOC)

*March 10, 2020 first confirmed COVID-19 case in Michigan.

For a complete timeline see link below

Michigan corona virus timeline: Key dates, COVID-19 case tracking, state orders


 State Legislators refused to compromise with Governor Whitmer on funds to fix the roads.

She announced in the 2020 State of the State she had the State Transportation Commission to issue state road bonds. The “Rebuilding Michigan” plan did not require legislation to act.


6 COVID-19 bills signed into law concerning the MDHHS publicly publishing correct data, expanded testing services allows for qualified volunteers and workers to administer tests, electronic signatures for certain documents.


Governor Whitmer launches “Reconnect Michigan” an adult continuing education program with free tuition Signed into law 4/21/2020


Whitmer signs Clean Slate bill into law 10/12/2020.


Increased Education Funding passed in State Budget again.

We’ve leveled the playing field for all students across the state,” said Rep. Mary Whiteford, R-Casco Township. “My county’s always at the low rate of reimbursements per student and now it’s the same all over the state… I think that’s a huge, huge thing.”

$17B spending plan to fund K-12 passes Michigan Legislature – mlive.com


Michigan Covid Recovery Plan announced.

Governor Whitmer Announces Michigan COVID Recovery Plan – 9 & 10 News (9and10news.com)

Cutting personal property tax for small business owners.

Small Business Praises Passage of Personal Property Tax Cut and Help For Businesses Affected by COVID Shut Downs (nfib.com)

West Branch Michigan State Police get a new post.

West Branch State Police Post Re-Opens In Brand New Facility – 9 & 10 News (9and10news.com)

New Veterans’ Homes in Macomb and Grand Rapids.

New Grand Rapids Home for Veterans set to welcome residents | WOODTV.com


The bipartisan Building Michigan Together Plan includes some of the largest infrastructure investments in Michigan history. The plan will protect clean drinking water, begin dozens of new road and bridge projects, build more affordable housing, expand high-speed internet, improve state and local parks, and support tens of thousands of jobs.

‘A bold vision’: Historic $5 billion statewide infrastructure bill becomes law (fox17online.com)

2024 NFL Football Draft will be in Detroit.

2024 NFL draft is in Detroit: Everything you need to know (freep.com)


State of the State Addresses full text




2019 State of the State (michigan.gov)

Accomplishments to date

Accomplishments (michigan.gov) 


1Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Leads the No. 1 U.S. Economy – Bloomberg

2Bills, bills, bills: Whitmer signs 800 bipartisan bill | WLNS 6 News